We have created a new way of managing retirement plans that allows you and your participants more control over both decisions and costs.


For more than a decade, ProffittGoodson has partnered with independent plan administrators on a new approach to pension plans and 401(k)s.

Traditional plans are overpriced. These participant-directed 401(k) plans have been built on bank, brokerage, or insurance models that use expensive investment options to pay for administrative and sales functions. Under these arrangements, mutual fund choices are costly and may involve undisclosed payments to service providers. Fund options are often selected not for their investment value but based on the relative attractiveness of these financial arrangements.


With ProffittGoodson, administrators have access to:

  • A fully transparent administrative and investment platform with complete expense accounting and all costs clearly identified;

  • A true open architecture investment platform where fund alternatives are chosen solely for their benefit to participants and the overall plan;

  • A balance of actively managed individual fund options and low-cost index shares;

  • Several broadly diversified targeted risk portfolios;

  • Participants have complete control over their accounts and can investment in any managed portfolio or combination of portfolios and funds; and

  • Daily valuation and complete online access to individual account balances and investment options.


We provide independent support. In addition to plan investment options oversight and management, as cofiduciaries, we provide leadership to your company’s finance committee, assisting with all plan aspects from drafting investment policy statements to negotiating with other service providers. We are paid only by our clients, allowing us to be an objective voice for both management and plan participants.