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We have established a differentiated investment management strategy that relies on our evidence-based approach and a core-satellite portfolio structure.


We build customized investment portfolios based on each client’s unique needs, goals, and risk profile. We use these personalized parameters as our guide to develop an asset allocation of stocks, bonds, and other securities specific to your requirements for income, capital preservation and growth, and legacy plans.

While our investment solutions are individualized, they are based on a consistent investment approach.

How We Invest

We take a straightforward, transparent approach to investing that allows us to control risk more effectively, maintain flexibility, and manage costs. We work to synthesize complex analysis into the most effective and efficient investment vehicles we can find – investments that get the job done at the lowest possible cost – to ultimately translate into better net returns.

Our investment approach is unique in two ways:

Evidence-Based Approach

We believe overlaying complex Wall Street investment schemes only adds cost, dilutes returns, and can increase risks. We therefore apply a research-driven, evidence-based methodology to better manage how decisions are made and to help ensure that they are made in your best interest. Choosing investments within our firm allows you to work directly with us, the people responsible for making the investment decisions on your account.

Core-Satellite Portfolio Structure

We have developed a proprietary core-satellite portfolio structure that blends active management of individual stocks and bonds with low-cost index funds that allows for better control over performance. Using this structure, we parse the portfolio into a portion dedicated to a low-cost index strategy for broad market exposure and a piece focused on active management of individual stocks, bonds, and non-core assets.  In this way, your portfolio benefits from more effective diversification, better consistency, and control over taxes and other costs.

Real Benefits

  • Improves discipline and stability
  • Reduces transaction and management costs
  • Provides broader, more consistent diversification than an all actively managed portfolio
  • Accommodates riskier active positions, but in a predetermined, risk-controlled way
  • Uses an evidence-based approach to add additional sources of return over market-based returns
  • Provides a structured framework for liquid alternative assets to enhance returns, extend diversification, and improve risk management


“Financial markets continue to be driven by the elusive search for alpha, or outsized returns. We bring a healthy skepticism about the investment landscape, and pride ourselves on our ability to see through the noise and self-promotion to effectively isolate fads from valid investment opportunities.” – David Goodson, Co-Founder, Managing Director, and Chief Investment Officer