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Confidence and Discipline to Move Ahead
In today’s complex markets, successful investing requires uncommon levels of courage, patience, and willpower.  As a result of the very fluctuations that make profits possible, it is easy to lose sight of long-term objectives in the confusion of short-term ups and downs.  Proffitt Goodson takes a consistent approach to achieving long-term results.  Once we identify a client’s financial goals, we maintain the discipline to act decisively and the strength to hold course when our evaluation shows a strategy remains sound.  We help investors profit from the emotions affecting the markets, rather than falling victim to them.
Market Commentary
June 2, 2017: Ignoring the Noise May felt a lot like April as stocks shook off more political noise to finish the month with modest gains. International markets continued to lead stocks higher despite some potential hiccups - most notably a re-emerging political crisis in Brazil. The Bovespa index fell over 8% in one day as the latest political corruption threatened to bring down Brazil’s new president. With R$2.37 trillion, the Bovespa is the world’s 13th largest stock exchange. May 4, 2017: Geo-Jitters, Again Volatility returned to the financial markets in April. Geo-political concerns were focused on rising tensions in North Korea, French elections, bombing in Syria, and the souring of the Putin/Trump bromance. Domestically, there was the threat of a government shutdown and uncertainty around the prospects for a Trump tax plan. The VIX index, often described as the market’s fear gauge, reached its highest post-election levels in mid-April before finishing the month at new lows. Safe-haven assets performed well, as gold added 1.4% and long-term bond prices improved. April 5, 2017: Peso Fuerte The S&P 500 gained 6.1% in Q1, after eking out a small 0.1% return in March. But it was the international markets that stood out. Emerging market equities gained 11.5% in Q1 and the developed markets outside the US added 7.4%. Some of the outperformance resulted from the pullback of the mighty US dollar, giving foreign investments an added boost from the currency appreciation.
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Building a Portfolio You Can Live With
Investing In An Uncertain World
Confusion in Washington, rising tensions in the Middle East, an uncertain global economy - when the world at times seems to be coming apart, how should you invest your money?  Reading the morning papers and watching CNBC is not particularly helpful in making profitable long-term investment decisions.   Read More »
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