As fiduciaries, we understand the specialized opportunities and challenges of nonprofit organizations.

For more than 20 years, we have delivered investment strategies to nonprofit organizations, including endowments and foundations. We take a holistic and experienced approach to work with you on a wide range of investment issues, including portfolio design, asset allocation, and implementation of investment management best practices.

Endowments and foundations often have unique financial needs. They tend to have investment time horizon much longer than other entities or individuals but have ongoing liquidity needs for operations and funding. Board and investment committee members take on fiduciary responsibility for management of the institution’s funds.

We team up with you to build and oversee unique, diversified, and low-cost investment portfolios to manage risk and meet return objectives. As a U.S. Securities and Exchange Registered Investment Advisors, we serve as additional fiduciaries, protecting and complementing your board and investment committee.

We go beyond portfolio management. Our team can work with your institution to craft an investment policy statement (IPS) that clearly expresses your organization’s needs and the strategies for achieving them. This includes target asset allocations, investment restrictions, and benchmarks for returns.

Please get in contact for any questions about endowment management.