We apply thoughtful perspective and institutional precision to every decision we make on your behalf.


We have been working with wealthy individuals, families, and institutions for decades and understand your unique needs. We believe that those with significant wealth can benefit from the consistency of an established methodology, grounded in the discipline of institutional portfolio management, to help simplify the complexities of your wealth:

Deep, directed understanding. We listen first. We gain a realistic understanding of your needs, goals, risk profile, and time horizon. Then, based on this shared perspective, we determine the appropriate asset allocation to help you realize your goals, documenting our decisions in a personalized investment policy statement. Throughout the process, we focus on addressing your specific requirements for income, capital preservation and growth, and legacy plans.

Deliberate, unique portfolio construction. Based on your situation, we build a portfolio and implementation strategy that addresses your risks and aligns with your goals. We follow a planned yet customized investment process to address your defined needs. We include an appropriate mix of traditional and non-traditional assets diversified within each asset class – across industries, sectors, countries, and currencies. We choose investments in-house, so you deal directly with the people responsible for making investment decisions on your account.

Prudent, consistent oversight.  Once securities have been chosen, we provide ongoing monitoring and due diligence, regularly assessing performance and making refinements to your portfolio and strategy as needed to help ensure you stay on course to reach your goals. 


Integrated, Systematic Process

Process is principal to our approach and to your success.


We meet with you to understand your full financial picture and outlook:

  • Your goals and needs
  • Your current portfolio
  • Your investing experience
  • Your risk tolerance
  • Your time horizon


We build a customized portfolio based on your goals:

  • Research on market trends and investments
  • Asset allocation
  • Security selection


We monitor your portfolio and risk on an ongoing basis:

  • Tracking performance
  • Rebalancing
  • Tracking dividends and incomes
  • Investment due diligence


We keep you informed through meetings and mailings:

  • Ad hoc meetings based on your schedule
  • Comprehensive quarterly and annual reports
  • Detailed tax data reporting
  • Monthly Portfolio Strategy newsletter