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Confidence and Discipline to Move Ahead
In today’s complex markets, successful investing requires uncommon levels of courage, patience, and willpower.  As a result of the very fluctuations that make profits possible, it is easy to lose sight of long-term objectives in the confusion of short-term ups and downs.  Proffitt Goodson takes a consistent approach to achieving long-term results.  Once we identify a client’s financial goals, we maintain the discipline to act decisively and the strength to hold course when our evaluation shows a strategy remains sound.  We help investors profit from the emotions affecting the markets, rather than falling victim to them.
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Building a Portfolio You Can Live With
Investing In An Uncertain World
Confusion in Washington, rising tensions in the Middle East, an uncertain global economy - when the world at times seems to be coming apart, how should you invest your money?  Reading the morning papers and watching CNBC is not particularly helpful in making profitable long-term investment decisions.   Read More »
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