Our heritage in independent thinking, tailored investment portfolios, and personalized service well-positions you for a future of financial stability.

Who We Are

As wealth and investment advisors with more than 30 years of experience, ProffittGoodson understands the complexities of wealth and what it takes to manage it for you, your family or your institution. We also understand the equal importance of instilling in you a sense of ownership in how and where your money is invested. By keeping you informed and engaged, we help ensure that your goals and needs are being met now and into the future.   
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 How We Work

We believe that wealth requires a thoughtful and integrated approach to manage all its intricacies. We therefore take a disciplined approach to understanding your objectives and building a plan and a portfolio designed to meet them. Our team listens, integrates, and executes against your specific requirements to help ensure your continued prosperity.

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What We Do

We develop customized strategies for high-net-worth investors, families, and endowments and foundations grounded in our differentiated investment management strategy. This institutional-quality strategy, which incorporates an evidence-based approach and core-satellite portfolio structure, helps ensure broad global diversification, risk management, tax-efficiency, and cost control. And to make your financial life easier, we go beyond asset management to provide extended wealth management, overseeing everyday finances as well as trust and estate planning.

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Industry Insight

investing in an uncertain world                                           

Confusion in Washington, rising tensions in the Middle East, an uncertain global economy - when the world at times seems to be coming apart, how should you go about investing your money? Unfortunately, reading the morning papers and watching CNBC is not particularly helpful in making profitable long-term investment decisions.  Can investors approach the current market environment in a way that combines fundamental lessons from the past with knowledge of new challenges the world faces?  The goal, we believe, is to build portfolios that correctly balance return opportunities with careful risk management.   More